Apron Care

Caring for your Bambino Amore Aprons

We know, our aprons look too good to cook in, but, don't be afraid -- unless otherwise stated, they are made from 100% top o' the line cotton (KONA, to be exact), which means that you can toss them in the washer with like colors (and a color catcher) on the delicate cycle, use COLD water and then throw it in the dryer on the delicate cycle or low heat to avoid shrinkage.....we would recommend ironing before wearing again - so you will look crisp and FIERCE!

For aprons made with lace or appliques attached, please exercise care with washing.  These are delicate goodies that require special attention - so hand wash or spot clean or even take them to the dry cleaners....yes, they are that special - this will ensure they last a long time! 


Sounds kind of like a no brainer, but, each of our aprons requires different care.  Therefore, we have added a "care" recommendation to each of their product pages here on our website.  You can totally disregard this recommendation, but, we know that our aprons are a little pricey -- due to their uniqueness and handcrafted nature -- and we want to help you ensure that your new super awesome apron lasts a really long time!  


Our children's line is essentially a miniaturized version of our women's apron line.  However, we have included more reinforced stitching for little hands tugging and pulling on ties and what-nots.  So, please make sure to follow our recommended care instructions for each child's apron as well -- so that your little one will have her super awesome Bambino Amore apron for years to come!