A bit more about the manufacturing process at Bambino Amore

The Bambino Amore "manufacturing process" - I still get a little giddy just typing those words because I never thought that what we do would ever be considered "manufacturing" since we are just a two woman operation working in a studio inside of our home.  But, the fact is, that's exactly what we do - we design, create, and then manufacture some really awesome items. 

We’re super passionate about what we do here at Bambino Amore. Which is why we keep it all in-house – so we can make sure that we create every single item that carries our name on it just right, from start to finish.

Every Bambino Amore item, whether it's an intricate apron, an infinity scarf, or an awesome accessory to go with our apron line-up, begins life in the same way - at the design level.  Sometimes that involves a sketch and sometimes it's something mom or I have stuck in our heads that we just have to create as opposed to sketching out.  

The next phase is sourcing materials.  Really, there's no point in creating a mock-up of an item if you can't get a hold of the materials you envisioned for it, am I right?  

We have a couple of go-to shops on Etsy and across the internet that we source materials from.  And of course, we rely heavily on our friends at Robert Kaufman for their ah-mazing KONA Cotton solids which are the foundation for most of our aprons.  

Once we have all of our supplies in place - that includes trims, buttons, lace, eyelet, bias, ric-rac, bows, threads, and appliques (to name a few) - in addition to our fabrics, we start the real manufacturing process.

We draft patterns if we need to and then we make tweaks or alterations to those patterns.  The ultimate goal is not just create a good looking item, but to also create a durable and well fitting item as well.  

Next stop - cutting table.  Then we sew - and sew and sew some more.  And, once we have the final product, we quality check the piece.  We make sure that there aren't flaws in the fabric that we may have missed, wonky stitching that may have occurred somehow, and everything was completed correctly.  These are all things that we do ourselves - not one piece of this process is outsourced.  

When we've got our awesome items constructed, we then carefully press each and every apron + scarf ourselves, which gives us the opportunity to once again perform a quality check.  Then, it's off to photography - which we also do ourselves.  You can spot a Bambino Amore apron a mile away because of the carefully thought out product photography formula we have cultivated.  And, I have created a tutorial on our blog to show others how to step up their product photography game as well.   

With photos in hand (or saved on the computer, rather), we then turn to creating the item  listings for both our website and Etsy shop.  That's a process in and of itself, but, I'll spare you the boring deets of that!

Finally, you make a purchase and we get to the wrapping and packing.  Each item is individually wrapped and sent out with a personalized thank you card.  A message is sent out letting you know that your item has shipped and when it does arrive, you're blown away at the quality and creativity of your new Bambino Amore item - so much so, you take to Facebook and Instagram to let everyone know!  And, that's how you've become a member of the BAM Fam!      

Meanwhile, we’ll get up and do it all again tomorrow!