A bit about Bambino Amore, the Areative Apron Makers

Bambino Amore has become synonymous with super creative costume and cosplay aprons, but, we are so much more than that!

We began our apron-making adventure in 2008 when an Etsy shop was opened with a funky name that sold baby gear and aprons. It didn’t take long at all for the aprons, which were based off of a pattern that mom drafted, to take off and we just didn’t have the time to keep making baby gear. So, we focused solely on aprons and from time to time we would add a bit of other kitchen goodies to the mix in limited amounts.

As time went on and our popularity grew, our apron line-up evolved and we began to offer our original patterns to help other crafters like ourselves gain extra income, make special handcrafted gifts for friends and family, or just make a really awesome apron for themselves. We are extremely proud to say that we have sold over 1K of that single pattern, aptly named The Jessie, after mom's great-aunt and are adding more to our line-up very soon.

Our aprons are now worn in just about every country in the world and for as many purposes as you can think of. They are worn for business branding for small and large companies alike, Halloween costumes, Cosplay + ComicCon outfits, Dress-up + Birthday Parties, Special Events (yes, our Tuxedo apron was even worn to prom by a super creative young lady!), and of course, in the kitchen + hosting.

You've seen Bambino Amore aprons all over the internet, with features from HLN, Buzzfeed, Flipboard, Set to Stunning and The Mary Sue, just to name a few.  And, we're sure you've seen them floating all over Pinterest as well!  Maybe they've even shown up in your Facebook feed because one of your friends posted something about them. 

Think they're too pretty to cook in? Well, some of them are, but, most are created with the utilitarian purpose in mind. This is why we choose only the softest, most durable cotton around to construct our aprons.  You can find out more about our apron manufacturing on its own special page.

Yes, we have evolved since our opening in 2008, but, we are still the same mother + daughter team that has the same mission and philosophy that we began with – and it directs every choice we make at Bambino Amore: 

“ We believe creativity, imagination, inspiration, and a sense of humor are vital pieces of a happy life. We believe in the importance of feeling confident and beautiful. We believe that what you wear is a part of who you are. Our aprons empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes; and we LOVE what we do!”

Thank you for getting to know our wonderful handcrafted company a bit better. Be sure to check out our blog for free apron + kitchen patterns, fabric combos that turn heads, sewing tips + tricks, business + photography tips, recipes, and more!