Swoon-worthy retro costumes for women that are fabulously '50s-inspired with their sweetheart bibs, full circle skirts, and creativity for days. Dress as your little one's favorite character for a birthday to remember or just to get them to eat broccoli at dinner time. Make one a part of your business branding or slip one on at the next comic-con. Super versatile and sweet, a must have.

When mom + I started handcrafting costume aprons, it was our goal (and still is our driving force) to create costumes that all women - including moms - could wear, comfortably, while participating in special events like birthday parties, Halloween bashes, hosting fandom parties, and even wearing out in public as a costume by itself. 

Basically, we wanted to offer grown up costumes that are not overtly sexy, super comfy, and fashion forward.  This was also our goal when we introduced our children's line - to let kids be kids.   

The best part?  You can totally wear these beauties around the house too - everyday + just because! 

Bambino Amore Aprons



Can these aprons be worn out and about?

Yes!  They totally can be worn out of the house.  We have clients who wear them to comic-cons, parties, as Halloween outfits, to the prom, and even at weddings. 

Can these aprons be worn for business purposes?

Yes!  We have quite a few awesome clients who wear our aprons as part of their business branding for photos and events.  We even have a client who uses them as maid outfits for her cleaning business.  And, let's not forget our collaboration with Sephora for Fashion's Night Out and the Glue Dot Dottesses too!

Are these aprons for cooking?

Believe it or not, but, we have plenty of clients who use our costume aprons to cook and bake in.  However, the aprons that have a lot of lace, appliques, and trims require delicate care so please be sure to look at the care instructions on each product page.  It's totally up to you!

Can these aprons be customized?

For the most part, yes.  Because we handcraft each apron to order, we can make alterations to your order if you reach out to us before placing the order so that we can discuss these alterations.  Please keep in mind that not all apron designs are able to be altered for size - we do have some limitations!