Style Guide

How to Style Your Bambino Amore Apron

Each Bambino Amore apron can be styled in many ways for a variety of purposes: casual/traditional (ie., in the kitchen), parties/events, cosplay, business branding/marketing, lolita, boudoir, formal, costume parties, dance troupes, and so much more. Just pair it with your favorite accessories to make it totally YOU. It is designed to make you feel confident and beautiful, so experiment and have FUN with it!

Styling Guide for your Bambino Amore Aprons

The basics are as simple as 1. Grab your under gear - a petti, a camisole, a tank, shorts, etc.  The petti is a must if you want your apron skirts to puff out.  2. Put a matching skirt on over the petti.  Circle skirts work best to help accentuate the skirts of the apron and add to the puffiness.  3. Add your favorite Bambino Amore apron!  4. OPTIONAL: add some awesome accessories to finish off the look - for the Tuxedo Penguin, for example, you could add a top hat, long satin gloves, a monocle - well, just about anything you want! 

Here are some examples of how you can wear these beauties out and about while looking so amazing that you steal the show where ever you go:



Tarina Tarantino + Sephora for Fashion's Night Out with Bambino Amore Custom Aprons


Tarina Tarantino and Sephora decided that they wanted some gorgeous half aprons from us for Fashion's Night Out in NYC.  As you can see, these beautiful ladies wore black leggings, black leotard tops, black heels, and hot pink puffy pettis to show the fullness of the skirts and they looked awesome when the ladies twirled!  Simply stunning!




Scruffy Rebel from Heroes of Cosplay Wearing her Bambino Amore Bowtie + Pinstripes Apron to A Party

Scruffy has doned a couple of our aprons to parties and events of all kinds.  These Instagram snaps show how she styled two of our most popular aprons -- the first, our Bowtie & Pinstripes costume apron -- she obviously wanted the apron to be the star of this outfit so she chose stockings, brown heels, a dress that doesn't show, a puffy petti and topped it all off with a super awesome Fez and Sonic Screwdriver!  Perfection!

The second apron was styled a little differently all the way around - our Harlequin apron was worn with no puffy petti (but still looks nice and full), opaque black stockings, black heels with red bows and the hair and makeup really tie it all together.  Excellent styling, for sure!




Brown Sugar Bake Shop - donning their custom creations for marketing materials - looking sweet and playful!

Leslie donning her custom Miss Mini Donuts apron that we created and she had embroidered for her booth - looking as sweet as those fabulous donuts!

Wednesday Holmes donning our Pee Wee costume apron for her cake shop promo pics - looking fierce and in charge!


Lizzie donning our Link costume apron and our Superhero Wonder Woman apron at her booth looking fabulous!


The Cheese Boutique chefs looking insanely awesome while donning our custom hero costume aprons for their "Heroes and Villains" event.




Cecile wearing her custom Cheshire -- loving her ears and fishnets!  Looking amazing!


Jami rocking her Shera at a Con -- the whole outfit is perfection!


Chrissie wearing our Dottie apron for a retro housewife Halloween costume with her Mr. Clean husband!  Awesome from head to toe!


Instagrammer LoveSheena rocked our Green Plumber at an Expo and looked Lolita fabulous!


Rapunzel Entangled Costume Apron at Disney Run

Kimberly wore our Rapunzel to a Disney Run and looked like she had the time of her life!